Bill Belichick Calls Denver Broncos Offense “Very Explosive”

Bill Belichick responds to Mike Tomlin criticism

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Bill Belichick might just be the greatest troll in the history of sports.

The Denver Broncos, who will host Belichick’s New England Patriots at Mile High Stadium on Sunday night, have one of the worst offenses in the NFL. They are 25th in points scored, 23rd in total yards, 22nd in passing yards, and 16th in rushing yards. They are so bad that they brought back Brock Osweiler to replace Trevor Siemian. And even after he went 19-for-38 with 208 yards, a touchdown, and two interceptions in Sunday’s 51-23 loss to the Eagles, the Broncos are still going to start him against the Patriots. Because that’s how bad they are.

So what did Bill Belichick have to say about the Broncos when speaking to reporters on Monday?

“Offensively,” he said, “they’re very explosive.”

That’s right. Not just explosive. Very explosive.


Now, obviously, Belichick hasn’t won 237 regular season games and five Super Bowls by taking opponents for granted. His preparation is the stuff of legends.

But it’s one thing to pretend like the Denver Broncos have an explosive offense during practice, and it’s another to actually say those words out loud to people who know them to be patently untrue. The only way the Broncos offense could be considered “explosive” is if we’re comparing it to diarrhea.

Hate Bill Belichick all you want, but you have to admit he holds the most entertaining press conferences in the NFL.

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