NJ HS Football Coach Under Fire For Checking Helmet Durability on Kids With Haymakers (VIDEO)

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Ahhh, football season. There’s nothing like it. Fresh pads, the smell of freshly cut grass and, of course, the all important helmet to protect yourself from serious injury while trying to inflict pain on your opponent.

For one coach in New Jersey, helmet protection and durability is very important. He just couldn’t have his kids go out there without testing out their helmets. So, he put a helmet on one of his kids and proceeded to slap the absolute crap out of that kid with his helmet on.

Of course, it was recorded, posted, and the backlash was immediate.

Winslow Township athletic director and football coach Kemp Carr has been suspended for giving a player a hard slap on the side of the helmet, according to a district official with knowledge of the incident and discipline. The slap was captured on video that recently was posted to social media. The official, who requested anonymity, was not authorized to speak publicly about personnel issues. In the video, shown above, Carr appears to be helping a player try on a helmet. He turns the player around and from the back, reaches far back and follows through with a slap to the right side of the players’ head that knocks the player forward.

The district official acknowledged seeing the video and said it had been reported to an assistant principal prior to Winslow’s Oct. 27 game, a 39-3 win over Clearview. The official did not know when the slap occurred, but identified the location in the video as the Winslow gym. The player who was struck in the video is a senior who was removed from the football team for undisclosed reasons this season, according to the district official.”

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