REPORT: LiAngelo Ball & Teammates Facing 3-10 Years In Chinese Prison For Shoplifting

2017 CIF Southern Section Boys Open Division Championship - Semifinals

Earlier today, the shocking news came down that LiAngelo Ball and two of his UCLA teammates were arrested in mainland China under suspicion of shoplifting.

The news got that much worse when Yahoo Sports’ writer Dan Wetzel spoke to lawyers that are familiar with Chinese law who informed him that the middle Ball Brother and company could be facing some serious prison time over there.

“If standard practices are applied, the three UCLA basketball players – including LiAngelo Ball – arrested Tuesday in mainland China under suspicion of shoplifting face between three and 10 years in prison if convicted, according a lawyer familiar with Chinese law who communicated with Yahoo Sports on the condition of anonymity because he doesn’t want to speak out about the Chinese government.

The three men could be detained for more than a month without American-style bail before local prosecutors even decide whether to press charges, according to William Nee, a Hong Kong-based researcher of the Chinese court system for Amnesty International.”

It is still unclear what the players are being detained for, but Chinese law calls for a fine and between three to 10 years in prison for anyone convicted of “robbing public or private property using force, coercion, or other methods.”

“I would say they could be in quite a bit of trouble if they have solid proof that they shoplifted,” Nee told Yahoo Sports. “However, part of it will depend on whether their lawyers, the university, or the U.S. consulate can advocate and negotiate on their behalf.”

LiAngelo was set to start his college career at UCLA, but with this recent arrest, who knows what lies ahead for the lesser known Ball brother.

(Yahoo Sports)

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