44-Year-Old Bartolo Colon Plans on Coming Back for the 2018 MLB Season (TWEET)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Bartolo Colon was never a physical specimen during his time in the majors, but he did demonstrate an uncanny knack for turning a couple standout years into a fruitful—and long—career.

It seems that career is going to keep on truckin’, too. The 44-year-old pitcher says he plans to come back for the 2018 season as a free agent, provided that a team will sign him, per MLB.com.

That’s a big “if” considering he posted a 6-14 record with an unspectacular 6.48 ERA.

Twins fans gave Colon a raucous round of applause at the end of the season, confident that if Colon’s career wasn’t over, his time with Minnesota certainly was.  We’ll have to wait and see if they’re right.

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