Chilling Videos Show Roy Halladay’s Plane Moments Before and After It Crashed Into Gulf of Mexico (VIDEO)

video footage roy halladay plane crash

The entire sports world went into a state of mourning on Tuesday when it learned that former MLB superstar Roy Halladay had been killed in a plane crash.

Today, two videos have emerged showing Halladay’s plane immediately before and after it plunged into the Gulf of Mexico. Sadly, they suggest the cause of the crash was most likely pilot error.

According to witnesses, Halladay’s plane was “dramatically increasing and decreasing in elevation,” diving from 100 feet down to about five feet, then back up again, over and over. Boaters were so shocked by the stunt flying that they got out their phones to record it. At least one person told TMZ that he’d seen the pilot “flying like that all week.”

In one video, which shows Halladay’s plane swooping down dangerously close to the water, boaters can be heard saying “what the f***” and “that can’t be legal”:

[Warning: NSFW language]

In another video, shot by shocked boaters who were racing to the wreckage after witnessing the plane crash, you hear witnesses say Halladay was flying “super low” before just veering into the water:

[Warning: NSFW language]

That is utterly depressing.

Our hearts go out to Roy Halladay’s wife, children, family, and friends.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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