Greg Hardy Says Dana White Is Going To Want Him In The UFC Eventually: “Keep An Eye On Me” (VIDEO)

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Now that his NFL career is essentially over because no team would touch him after what he did to his ex-girlfriend, Greg Hardy made his transition into a new sport. And it hasn’t taken him long to announce his arrival.

The former Dallas Cowboys defensive end scored a 32-second knockout in his debut in an amateur heavyweight bout at the Rise of a Warrior event in Florida last week. That win definitely has his confidence booming.

Hardy recently sat down with TMZ and delivered a message to Dana White to “keep an eye on me…cause you’re gonna want me in the UFC eventually.”

“I’m here to prove whatever I need to prove,” Hardy told TMZ Sports.

“I’m trying to work on being the best me that I can be — being the best athlete, being the best complete fighter, being the best person.”

Here’s that 32-second knockout from last week:

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