Indianapolis Colts Facing Lawsuits From Own Fan Base Over Andrew Luck Being Injured

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The saga that is the Indianapolis Colts and the way they handled the Andrew Luck situation could possibly reach yet another low in what has been an absolute terrible season and PR nightmare.

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, the Colts could be faced with a lawsuit from season-ticket holders on the basis that they bought their tickets on the premise that Luck would play. Before the season, Colts owner Jim Irsay made the comments that Luck would be ready to play by the time the season started. That prompted many of the fans to buy tickets to see him play, only to be greeted with back-up QB’s instead.

“And so the question becomes whether Irsay was accidentally or deliberately inaccurate in January, when he made a promise that Luck “will be ready for season!” before fans had to decide whether to buy an expensive package of two preseason and eight regular-season game tickets that would allow them to enjoy the exploits of Andrew Luck.

Even without the Colts saying anything more, the circumstances reveal sufficient evidence to launch a class action on behalf of all season-ticket holders, on the basis that they were falsely induced to buy the tickets under the premise that Luck will play. Other things said by the Colts only strengthen that potential claim.”

The Colts are currently 3-6 and in dead last in the AFC South. They’ve also given up the most points and scored the least in their division.

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