Jeff Van Gundy Blasts Hypocritical NCAA for Sending So-Called “Student-Athletes” to Play in China (Video)

Jeff Van Gundy Rant About NCAA Sending UCLA Georgia Tech to China

Lots of people got all worked up this week about Liangelo Ball and two of his UCLA Bruins teammates getting arrested for shoplifting in China. However, NBA analyst Jeff Van Gundy is more worked up about the fact that the NCAA sent college basketball players to play in China in the first place.

Van Gundy took the opportunity to vent his frustrations on national television during Wednesday night’s game between the Timberwolves and Warriors.

“You know what’s bugging me?” Van Gundy asked late in the fourth quarter, with the Warriors up by 20. “Why is UCLA—and Georgie Tech—in China to play a basketball game, missing all that school, and then force-feeding their fans the idea of ‘student athletes’? And if it’s such a cultural excursion, what’s UCLA doing in the Louis Vuitton sunglass section? They can do that in Beverly Hills.”

“I’ll tell you what the answer is,” Van Gundy continued. “Money. They’re trying to sell something to get more money.”

Dave Pasch, Van Gundy’s broadcast partner, tried to play devil’s advocate for him. But Van Gundy just ended up cutting him off.

Take a look:


Preach, Jeff Van Gundy.

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