Golfer Catches Epic ‘Mongoose vs. Snake’ Showdown on the Course (VIDEO)


Nothing spices up a lazy round of golf like two somewhat exotic animals fighting to the death for no particular reason.

While at the European Tour’s Nedbank Golf Challenge at Gary Player CC in South Africa is known for its proximity to wildlife, pro golfer Andrew Coltart had no idea what he was in for when he started filming these two animals—a cobra and a mongoose—on his phone. 

Take a look at the surreal action from just off the course. We don’t want to give away the winner because, well, nature should be about surprises sometimes, right?

Here ya go:

It’s wild over here. Gr8 being an oncourser. Courtesy of @bennytails #nature #rawnature #watchyourstep #snake #mongoose #suncity #africa #europeantour

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Returning to a boring round of golf after that must have been a real bummer.

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