Willie McGinest on O.J Simpson Being Thrown Out of Casino: ‘He Needs To Sit His Ass Down’ (VIDEO)

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A little over a month after being released from prison for the first time after nine years, O.J. Simpson found himself in trouble once again when TMZ Sports reported the Juice got himself thrown out from the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas on Wednesday night.

Willie McGinest has the perfect solution for O.J. to stay out of trouble, and it’s pretty harsh.

The former New England Patriots star had this to say when informed of what O.J. had gotten himself into.

“He should just sit his ass down somewhere. Stay out the way,” Willie told TMZ Sports.

The Juice apparently got way too loose after he drank and became disruptive at the Clique bar, so his night ended when security showed up and escorted him out of the hotel. With so many cameras in Vegas and with so many people aware of his presence, video is bound to surface of this incident pretty soon.

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