LOL!!!: Three Women’s Soccer Teammates Get Together For One AWESOME Blooper (VIDEO)

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Anyone who played baseball at most any level knows that if there’s a ball that seems to border on the edge of two players’ proximity, one player “calls it,” informing the other player to back off so that they can make the play without obstruction.

Well, one of these three women should have “called it” in what otherwise would have been the biggest gimme goal in soccer history.

You see that image above? That’s how close the players were to scoring. Three of them, mere feet from an untended goal.

But instead of knocking it in, these women from the Barcelona-Gintra Women’s Champions League match (the yellow players are from Gintra), decided to go all wonky. 

Check it out:

Teamwork at its worst. I bet they were all complaining that it was the other two that really screwed it up.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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