LeBron James is Reportedly Claiming He Was Hacked When He DMed Instagram Model

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Last week, Instagram Model Heidi Hoback revealed in a series of screenshots that LeBron James had hopped in her DM’s and asked her to teach him how to hunt. In return, LeBron said he’ll teach her how to ball.

Nothing on the surface would seem inappropriate about what was said, but when you’re a high-profiled athlete who’s married, your wife will definitely say otherwise.

Here’s one of Hoback’s screenshots:


The Cleveland Cavaliers star has never been one to speak on anything controversial like this, at least not publicly. This time, however, it seems like King James may have slipped up and admitted it did happen, but not by him.

Via Terez Owens:

“Our inside source tells us Lebron is allegedly telling people in his circle he was hacked. “LeBron refuses to admit he did anything wrong, and is telling people he was hacked” according to our source.”

Like they always say, there’s three sides to every story. Her story, his story, and somewhere smack dab in the middle is the actual truth.

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