Enes Kanter Says He Doesn’t Care Whether LeBron is ‘King, Queen, or Princess’: ‘You’re Not Going To Punk Us’ (VIDEO)


Over the weekend, LeBron James made a comment that the New York Knicks screwed up when they didn’t select Dennis Smith Jr. in the NBA Draft. Knicks big man Enes Kanter took exception to it almost immediately. In a tweet, he stuck up for the player the Knicks chose instead, Frank Ntilikina.

During the game on Monday, Ntilikina shoved Lebron as he tried to pick up the ball to inbound. Shortly after it was Enes Kanter to the rescue, as he got in the face of LeBron to let him know not to touch his teammate.

The Knicks then went on a run in the game, building a lead as big as 23 points, only to squander it all away in the second half and lose the game.

Following the game, Kanter threw a couple more shots at LeBron before calling it a night.

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