NFL Slaps Jerry Jones With A Cease & Desist From Bothering Roger Goodell About His Contract

Dallas Cowboys v Atlanta Falcons

It has not been a good few weeks for Jerry Jones.

First, the NFL’s compensation committee removed dismissed him after he threatened to sue the league and the owners if Roger Goodell gets a contract extension. Then, his star running back Ezekiel Elliott was suspended once again, causing him to miss Sunday’s blowout loss to the Atlanta Falcons.

Now he’s taken yet another hit, and it involves his threats of a lawsuit.


“The NFL’s Compensation Committee has given Jerry Jones a cease-and-desist warning in response to the Dallas Cowboys owner’s threat to sue the league over contract extension talks with commissioner Roger Goodell, according to The New York Times.

The committee issued the warning to Jones after holding a conference call Monday to discuss Goodell’s potential extension, according to the Times.

ESPN reported Sunday that Goodell’s last written counterproposal, sent to the committee around Aug. 1, was seeking approximately $49.5 million in annual salary and also included the lifetime use of a private jet and lifetime health insurance for his family.”

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank, who is the chairman of the compensation committee, terminated Jones as a non-voting, ad-hoc seventh member Saturday because of Jones’ threat to sue the league.

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