REPORT: Deceased Bodybuilder Rich Piana Would SNORT Pre-Workout Powder Before Workouts

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In August, star bodybuilder Rich Piana was rushed to the hospital with a medical emergency. Just 18 days later, he was dead.

With the police searching for answers into this high-profile death, they searched his home to find a white mystery powder, according to a recent TMZ report. When asked for help identifying the powder, Piana’s girlfriend revealed that he would snort CON-CRET lemon-lime pre-workout powder like cocaine to get a caffeine boost before working out.

It’s very possible that the powder—or the 20 bottles of steroids found in his home—contributed to his death, which is still being deemed “inconclusive,” though it was found that 46-year-old Piana was suffering from heart disease at the time of the emergency call.

Heart disease or not, don’t snort your supplements. Or take steroids for that matter.

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