UFC Cancels Conor McGregor’s Next Fight After Altercation with Ref at Bellator Event (VIDEO)

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Conor McGregor may be the face of the UFC, but he’s still going to have to face some consequences for his bizarre outburst at a recent Bellator event.

On Friday, McGregor jumped into the octagon at to celebrate teammate Charlie Ward‘s win over John Redmond at Bellator 187 in Dublin. At first McGregor was just excited, mauling Ward with a huge bear hug. However, things turns ugly when referee Marc Goddard told him he had to get out.

McGregor immediately started chasing after Goddard, pointing his finger and yelling while others tried to restrain him. Then, after parading around outside the ring a bit, he hopped back up on the fence, and when another official came over to tell him to get down, McGregor slapped him.

If you haven’t seen the chaos yet, take a look:

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McGregor was supposed to get back in the ring at UFC 219 on December 30 and take on interim UFC Lightweight Champion Tony Ferguson. However, after going rogue at Bellator 187, that’s not happening. According to Mike Mazzulli, President of the Association of Boxing Commissions, the UFC has now cancelled that fight.

“I had some executives from UFC contact me within two hours after what occurred and they basically said to me that it’s completely unacceptable in their eyes and that they will be doing something,” Mazzulli told The MMA Hour.

“They did inform me that he was set to be on the December 30th card and he will not be on it,” Mazzulli continued. “So I do commend UFC to some extent for doing that. On the other hand, I will be looking at it, I will be speaking to my attorneys upon returning to United States to see if I have any action.”

McGregor is not hurting for money after taking home a reported $30 million for fighting Floyd Mayweather back in August. But denying him another big pay-per-view payday is still the most severe punishment the UFC can hand out.

Unfortunately, the biggest loser here will be Tony Ferguson. The UFC will probably find somebody else for him to fight, and he’ll still get paid. But it won’t be nearly as much as if he was fighting McGregor.

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