Update: Tennessee State Player Who Punched Coach Has Been EXPELLED (VIDEO)

tennessee state player punches coach during game

Latrelle Lee, the Tennessee State Tigers defensive end who was kicked off the football team after punching a coach on Saturday, has now been expelled from the university.

During Saturday’s home game against Southeast Missouri State, Lee punched head strength coach T.J. Greenstone twice on the side of the head, knocking him to the ground.

Greenstone’s job during games is keeping players off the sidelines so the team doesn’t get penalized. It is still unclear what sparked Lee’s rage, but head coach Rod Reed immediately dismissed him from the sidelines and then kicked him off the team after the game.

Now, Nashville’s Newschannel 5 has learned that, as of Monday morning, Latrelle Lee is no longer enrolled at Tennessee State.

The school, which would not even confirm the name of the student involved in the sideline incident, has not officially announced that Lee has been expelled. All we have from Tennessee State at this point is a statement from Athletic Director Teresa Phillips.

“We, of course, do not condone any act of violence within our department and are very disturbed by the action of one of our students. We are committed to supporting the coach who was personally affected and our concern now is with him.”

Latrelle Lee was a senior majoring in criminal justice. Even if Greenstone did say something to provoke Lee, punching him probably wasn’t worth Lee ruining his chance at earning a degree.

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