Giants Owner John Mara Has Spent the Season Responding To Letters From Angry Fans

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Sure, the Giants may be far, far worse than even their most pessimistic fans thought possible, but they have an owner that a) seems to actually care about how the fans feel, and b) is very aware of how much the Giants stink.

Mark Sanchez of the NY Post recently said that owner John Mara has been personally replying to some not-so-nice fan mail about the team’s miserable 2017 campaign. One fan posted Mara’s response, which read:

“I have your letter. Nobody is more upset than I am with our performance so far,” he wrote. “I learned a long time ago that the season is a marathon, not a sprint, and things can look a whole lot different in December than they do.

“We will evaluate everything at the end of the season, with a full body of information, before we make any major decisions. In the meantime all we are focused on right now is trying to win our next game.

“Thank you for writing and for your loyal support of the Giants.”

That’s…nice. Of course, I imagine the fans would rather not have a reason to write the letter in the first place, but as long as they do, it’s nice to see an owner who feels some accountability to his team’s fans.

Well, I guess “killing them with kindness” works, even against notorious New York sports fans.

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