Things Got Tense Between Deion Sanders & Opposing Coaches at High School Football Game (VIDEO)

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Without context, it’s a little difficult to parse what’s going on here, but following a district championship game between Trinity Christian Cedar Hill (coached by Deion Sanders) and Dallas Christian, it seems just about everyone was milling about, tossing out harsh words at one another.

Nothing came of the interaction, which was no doubt quelled by the Dallas Sheriff’s officers on duty, but it looked for a little bit like it was in danger of escalating.

At about 1:18, you can see Deion dismissively yelling “I appreciate you” to whoever was lobbing words his way from the other side. Let’s chalk this one up as Sanders taking the higher road here.

Following the interaction, Prime Time was able to quickly cool off and offer a motivational speech to his players following their victory.

Well, I guess Deion remains “Prime Time,” balancing his TV appearances with a gig coaching kids. Good thing he didn’t fly off the handle and jeopardize both careers.

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