Donald Trump Says UCLA Players Should’ve Thanked The Chinese President As Well (TWEETS)

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Image via Getty

A week ago around this time, LiAngelo Ball and two of his UCLA Bruins teammates were arrested for shoplifting from 4 high-end stores in China. They did it in a country that had a 99% conviction rate just last year, and on where shoplifting gets you anywhere from 3-10 years in prison.  Needless to say, it wasn’t looking good for the three young men.

Then came Donald Trump, who was out there on a two-day trip. He spoke to the Chinese President about the situation in an attempt to have it resolved, and before you knew it, LiAngelo, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hall were free men on a plane headed back to the United States of America.

Once they touched down in the USA, President Trump requested a thank you from the players via Twitter:

All three of them eventually thanked Trump during their press conference, but then the President took to Twitter once again and stated that the trio needs to thank the Chinese President for his efforts as well.

The players have been suspended indefinitely from the team.

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