Flames and Red Wings Give Us a Good Old-Fashioned Hockey Brawl (VIDEO)

Flames Red Wings Brawl

Back in the Good Old Days™, pretty much every NHL blowout ended in an epic line brawl. That’s what kept you watching. When one team was up by four or more goals, you knew somebody was going to find something to get pissed off about, and then everybody would go berserk.

This rarely happens any more. The NHL has cracked down on fighting and dirty plays. As a result, the goons are gone, and cooler heads usually prevail.

Of course, usually means not always. And cooler heads certainly did not prevail in Detroit on Wednesday.

Late in the Red Wings’ 8-2 blowout of the visiting Flames, Calgary’s Brett Kulak took exception to a hit by Detroit’s Luke Witkowski, and the two of them decided to settle their disagreement with their fists. Witkowski made easy work of Kulak, throwing him around like a rag doll. Then, at the end of the fight, Witkowski gave Kulak one last shot while he was on the ice.

Needless to say, the Flames did not like that. However, nothing would have happened if Witkowski had just been sent to the penalty box.

Witkowski was not just sent to the penalty box, though. There was just 5:56 left on the clock when the fight broke out, and the refs gave him enough penalty minutes to ensure he wouldn’t be returning to the game. So they sent him to the dressing room, the path to which goes right by the Flames bench.

While Witkowski was going by, the Flames started chirping. Then, before you know it, everybody’s pushing and shoving everybody else, and a good old-fashioned hockey brawl breaks out.

Take a look:

Obviously, that was pretty tame for anyone who remembers what hockey brawls used to be like…

But a tame hockey brawl is still better than no hockey brawl, right?

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