Kevin Durant Says Michael Jordan ‘Didn’t Go Through What I’ve Dealt With’

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When it comes to going through rough times, trials and tribulations, Michael Jordan didn’t have to deal with the amount of stuff Kevin Durant has had to go through, at least according to Kevin Durant.

The Golden State Warriors star became a champ for the first time this past June and has been talking up a storm ever since. His latest hot take comes via a sit-down interview with Bleacher Report’s Ric Bucher.

It’s highly obvious Durant has dealth with his fair share of criticism, stemming from his decision to bolt from OKC to sign with the Warriors, and he truly believes that today’s stars go through way more than stars of the past.

Durant feels that current stars have to deal with more criticism than stars from the previous generation, and that includes Michael Jordan.

I’m a person. I’ve got real feelings and I’m not afraid to be vulnerable in front of people who watch us play or that follow the league. It’s f—ed up that you’re saying that stuff about me, because just a couple months before, I was the greatest thing since sliced bread because I was playing for your team. Your team is on TV every day, playing late into the playoffs and you get to brag about how good your city is to some other people around the country. It was all good when I was doing something for you. It was all good when I was representing you. Now I decided to take my career in my hands and I’m a ‘b—-‘? That’s confusing … because some people that I’d seen that cheered for me, people that I actually talked to, the faces they were giving me, the tone they had when they looked at me, it was weird.

If I (respond), it’s: ‘No, you’re sensitive. Shut up. You’re supposed to take it. Everybody did it. Michael went through it.’ I’m like, hold up. Michael Jordan did not go through this. You know what Michael Jordan went through? Reading the paper and it says, ‘Oh, Michael Jordan was 7-for-33 the night before, how the f— is he going to bounce back?’ That’s criticism. Criticism is not, ‘(blank), you moved to (blank), you’re a b—-, a coward.’ That’s not criticism. Criticism is calling me Mr. Unreliable and bouncing back the next night.”

Durant’s mention of ‘Mr. Unreliable’ stems from an Oklahoma City newspaper calling him that after a rough playoff loss back in 2014. KD has been really good at embracing every new negative nickname he gets from social media, whether it’s ‘Cupcake’ or ‘snake.’