Security Footage of Jarvis Landry Pushing His Baby Mama Released (VIDEO)

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Image via Getty

Prior to the start of the 2017 NFL season, it was reported that Jarvis Landry could be facing criminal charges and possibly a suspension from the NFL for his roll in a domestic dispute with the mother of his child.  After a careful investigation, the Florida police and the National Football League felt there was not enough evidence to pursue charges or punish the Miami Dolphins wide receiver.  At that point, the case appeared to be closed and it seemed like everyone had moved on.

Now, thanks to the emergence of some security cam footage from that fateful night in April (via TMZ), it appears as though this incident could make it’s way back to the forefront.

The footage from the parking lot of Landry’s apartment complex shows the wideout pushing the woman into her car and attempting to snatch her phone from her hand, all while their 4-month old child is in the back seat.

Landry’s baby mama had apparently called 9-1-1 to report the incident, claiming she was battered by the Dolphins star.  However, she later changed her story, saying she was emotional as a result of the child and may have exaggerated the facts.

Now there’s footage that shows exactly what went down. Did she exaggerate?  Or was she really the victim of domestic violence?  Have a look:

Don’t be surprised if the NFL decides to revisit this incident and overturn their previous decision not to suspend Landry. Stay tuned.

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