UFC’s Fabricio Werdum Attacks Colby Covington In Australia…With a Boomerang (VIDEO)

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Sometimes stereotypes are true for a reason. We were reminded of this fact after UFC fighter Fabricio Werdum decided to attack another fighter in an Australia hotel lobby using…a boomerang.

Yup. A boomerang.

There were no koalas or kangaroos, however, so this incident falls far short of the “Australian stereotype trifecta.”

It sounds like Werdum may have had good reason to go after his opponent, Colby Covington, who reportedly called him a “filthy Brazilian.” Ouch. Covington apparently has a record of dropping this stupid slur against Werdum.

Here’s what Covington had to say to the crowd during his last UFC fight in Brazil:

When Werdum missed Covington with the boomerang (footage below via TMZ), Covington doubled down on the terrible language.

Well, it seems like these two fighters’ hatred is real. It also seems like Colby Covington is a real piece of garbage. Nonetheless, the aggressor here said he plans on pressing charges. Werdum says Covington kicked first.

Either way…save it for the octagon, guys.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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