Watch This Poker Player’s Heartbroken Face After a Very, Very Bad Beat at WSOP (VIDEO)

Carter Gill Bad Beat

Sure, all poker players suffer bad beats. But few come on such a public stage as the World Series of Poker, and even fewer are THIS bad. With two pair (aces and tens), Carter Gill went all-in with just one card left and a pot worth about $615,000.

It didn’t work out.

Gill taunted his opponent by saying, “If you call, you need a queen.” And he was right. His opponent, David Paredes, DID need a queen…

And he got one on the river.

You can see in the video at about :50 that Gill looks incredulous. Then you just see the life drain from him as he sits motionless, pondering what just happened.

It’s poker drama at its finest—or its worst, depending on your vantage point.

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