Scott Van Pelt Says People Who Hate ESPN Are Too ‘Chicken Sh*t’ To Say It To His Face (AUDIO)

Scott Van Pelt

Ripping ESPN has almost become a way of life for people on social media, as many like to talk about how happy they are not to watch the Worldwide leader in Sports anymore and point out why they’re losing ratings.

Those who made the cut and didn’t get caught up in the layoffs from ESPN a few months ago certainly hear their fair share of criticism from people online, but what about in person?

During an interview with Jimmy Traina for his “Off the Board” podcast, “SportsCenter” anchor Scott Van Pelt basically stated that ESPN detractors live in a “make-believe world” where they “talk shit,” but don’t have the balls to mention those same things to him when they met him in person.

“There’s nothing more chicken shit than that,” he said.

Fast forward to around the 26:00 mark to hear his comments:


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