Kevin Durant Wanted To Beat The 76ers To Keep Joel Embiid From ‘Talking Sh*t’ On Twitter (VIDEO)

On Saturday night in Philly, the 76ers had the Golden State Warriors dead to rights as they had as much as a 24-point lead and a 72-54 halftime lead, after allowing the most points allowed by the franchise since 1992 with 47 points given up in one quarter.

Then the second half happened and 76ers fell apart as the Warriors answered their 47-point quarter with a 47-point quarter of their own to get back into the game. Golden State hung on in the fourth for a 124-116 win and this win meant a lot, as it got them to 12-4 on the year and it prevented something from happening later on social media.

Kevin Durant stated the team really wanted this win tonight because it would prevent 76ers big man Joel Embiid from jumping on Twitter and talking shit afterwards.

“We wanted to win this game really, really bad after being down by so much,” Durant said. “We didn’t want to lose to these guys. Especially Jo[el Embiid]. He would’ve went straight to Twitter and started talking sh*t.”


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