Michael Irvin Rants on O-Lineman: ‘It’s Easy. It’s Fat Men Standing In Front of Each Other’ (VIDEO)

Michael Irvin being a hall of fame wide receiver gives him instant credibility to speak on various players and positions in the league today, but on Sunday, he completely disrespected a very important position on a football team with his latest rant.

The current NFL Network analyst was in the midst of explaining offensive line play in the league and he believes the position is easy to do because it’s just fat men standing in front of each other and all they need to do is stand there for three seconds to give the QB time enough to find an open receiver.

His rant likely stems from Dallas Cowboys lineman Chaz Green who gave up six sacks last week against the Atlanta Falcons.

“This is about a man-to-man battle,” Irvin said on “NFL Gameday Morning.” “I know you guys talk about offensive linemen being athletes and all that. I always say this to the kids that I coach: Playing offensive line is as easy as anything. You’re 300 pounds, he’s 300 pounds — stay in front of him for three seconds and you, one day, can get 300 million dollars!”

Just in case he didn’t explain enough how easy the job is, he got up from his seat and demonstrated all o-lineman have to do to make $300M in the league.

“Stay here for three seconds,” Irvin yelled. “Three seconds!”

“It ain’t that hard of a job!” said the former Cowboys receiver as the Gameday Morning studio crew cracked up at his demonstration.

“These are fat men standing in front of each other” he yelled. “Doing a fat man’s dance!”

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