Kristin Cavallari Posted a Mysterious Instagram Story After Jay Cutler’s Concussion (PICS)

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Sounds like Kristin Cavallari has some things on her mind after seeing her husband, Dolphins QB Jay Cutler, pulled from his team’s loss after suffering a nasty in-game concussion. It’s understandable why she wouldn’t be too thrilled with the game that systematically gives her husband brain trauma, risking not only his health and livelihood but also possibly his life.

So, she…posted an Instagram story?

Yeah, I guess she did. It’s not clear what her objective is here, but it’s pretty clear what’s motivating her.

Here’s a screenshot:


Even if the cliche “legs” shot and a vague Instagram story is an odd way of going about this objection, it’s easy to see where she’s coming from. Hopefully, in the future she’ll speak up a little more clearly and drive her point home.


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