Snoop Dogg On Donald Trump Blasting Marshawn & LaVar Ball: ‘F*ck Donald Trump’ (VIDEO)

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I’m not entirely sure, but I think Snoop Dogg is not a fan of Donald Trump.

The legendary rapper had seen and heard enough of the President talking about various athletes and sports figures, so he pulled out his phone and blasted Donald Trump for suggesting athletes should be suspended for sitting during the Anthem. He also commented on LaVar Ball’s current beef with Trump.

“LaVar Ball. Good lookin’ out. I wouldn’t have thanked the motherf**ker either.”

“Let’s suspend your ass motherf**ker,” Snoop said in a response to Trump calling for the NFL to bench Lynch if he doesn’t stand for the national anthem in the future. 

Over the weekend, Trump took to Twitter and blasted LaVar Ball for not thanking him for his efforts to free LiAngelo and his teammates from China, stating that he should’ve left them in jail.


He then followed that up with a tweet stating that Oakland Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch should be suspended for the rest of the season for sitting during the U.S. Anthem in Mexico, but standing for the Mexican Anthem.

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