White House Press Secretary Says Trump Wasn’t Serious About Leaving UCLA Players In China Because of LaVar Ball’s Comments (VIDEO)

Here’s how out of hand this entire situation has gotten: The White House Press Secretary is fielding questions surrounding the controversy surrounding Donald Trump’s tweet about leaving the UCLA players stranded in China.

On Monday, reporters hammered Sarah Huckabee Sanders with questions about what President Trump wrote. She made it clear that he wasn’t serious when he tweeted that out over the weekend.

When questioned at Monday’s White House news conference, SHS said, “It was a rhetorical response to a criticism by the father.”

“Frankly it seems like the father didn’t want the President to intervene which I think would’ve been a sad thing if he hadn’t.”

She also said Trump was “happy to intervene” … “I think the President was happy to see the release of these individuals and have them back in the United States.”

As for LaVar Ball, he is scheduled to do an interview with CNN later on today to speak about his beef with the President and what he tweeted out about his son ad his friends.

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