After 9th Straight Loss, Blake Griffin Partied Until 3am With Kendall Jenner


On Monday, the Los Angeles Clippers were not able to stop the bleeding as they fell to the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden and they were sent home with their ninth straight loss after starting the season 5-2.

While his teammates were pooped and chilling in the hotel, Blake Griffin, who shot 6-18 on the night, hit the clubs in New York with girlfriend Kendall Jenner and he reportedly didn’t stop until 3am.

“Blake and Kendall were spotted leaving Up & Down nightclub in Manhattan. The photo agency that has the pics says they were taken at 3AM Tuesday morning

Earlier that night Kendall was at Madison Square Garden to watch Blake’s Clippers lose to the Knicks in a 105-87 beatdown.”

This is not a good look for a guy who agreed to a five-year, $173 million contract to remain with the team back in June. That’s franchise player money.

However, no amount of money paid to Griffin can replace what the team loss in Chris Paul after they shipped him off to the Houston Rockets.

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