Joe Morgan Petitions Baseball HOF Voters to Keep Steroid Users Out (PIC)

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Image via Getty

Joe Morgan found his way into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1990, and he’s making it clear decades later that he doesn’t want to share that institution with any users of performance-enhancing drugs.

In a well-written letter to the Hall, obtained by TMZ, Morgan explained why he thought users should stay banned. Here are a just a few quotes from the letter.

“We hope the day never comes when known steroid users are voted in to the Hall of Fame. They cheated. Steroid users don’t belong there.”

“The cheating that tainted an era now risks tainting the Hall of Fame too.”

Then there’s the ace up his sleeve. If they let in users, he won’t be swinging by.

“It’s gotten to the point where Hall of Famers are saying if steroid users get in, they’ll no longer come to Cooperstown for induction ceremonies or other events.”

The letter comes as a new crop of inductees await joining the club. It’s possible he’s talking about them specifically, but since they’re already voted in, this letter will have more weight behind it for future classes.

Here’s a look at the letter in its entirety, via TMZ:

Joe Morgan letter





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