Mark Cuban Says LaVar Ball is Beating Donald Trump At His Own Game & It Bodes Well For Big Baller Brand (VIDEO)

Mark Cuban, who has never turned down an opportunity to blast Donald Trump, was recently stopped by a TMZ cameraman and he wanted to know his thoughts on the entire beef between the president and LaVar Ball.

The Dallas Mavericks owner said LaVar Ball and Donald Trump are “so much alike” and he believes LaVar is beating Trump at his own game. According to Cuban, that could mean great things for Big Baller Brand in the future.

“On the real, they are so much alike,” Cuban said. “Because Donald will say what he needs to for PR and to be talked about, and so does LaVar. Donald doesn’t apologize for anything, neither does LaVar. LaVar knows if he apologizes, there’s nothing else to talk about. If LaVar doesn’t apologize, he’ll be in the news all day every day and the president will end up having to talk about him. What’s better for Big Baller Brand?”

Here’s that now infamous CNN interview from Tuesday, where Chris Cuomo probably thought about a career change just five minutes into speaking with LaVar Ball.

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