Chauncey Billups Says Kevin Martin, Who Had A Funky-Looking Shot, Can Help Lonzo Ball With His (VIDEO)

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The first month of Lonzo Ball’s NBA career has been defined more for his struggles every game to shoot the ball than the glimpses of possible stardom in the future.

Despite his two triple-doubles on the year for such a young player, Lonzo Ball continues to shoot poorly from the field as he displayed once again on Tuesday, shooting 3-of-13 from the field with 2-of-8 from three.

TMZ recently caught up with former NBA all-star Chauncey Billups and he had the perfect idea to fix Lonzo’s broken shot. Get in touch with Kevin Martin.

“If I was Lonzo, I would call Kevin Martin — a guy in our league who had like this funky shot but he could shoot the hell out of it,” Chauncey told TMZ Sports.

During his time in the league, Martin had one of the weirdest releases, but was one of the league’s deadliest snipers from long distance.

Here’s a video put together showing Martin and Lonzo’s shooting form:

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