LaVar Ball Has Increased Big Baller Brand Value By $13.2M By Beefing With Donald Trump

LaVar ball

Hate him all you want, but LaVar Ball is clearly a genius.

After Nike, Adidas and Under Armour all informed him they were not interested in completing a deal with his son Lonzo — LaVar decided to start up his own company called Big Baller Brand. It was no doubt laughed at and it got that much worse when they released Lonzo’s signature shoe that were priced at $495.

It was funny then, but it’s not funny now.

Over the past week, LaVar has been embroiled with a back and forth with the President over not thanking him for saving his sun glasses stealing son and his teammates in China. It has resulted in multiple tweets from Donald Trump and an interview for LaVar on CNN to discuss it.

All that media attention has paid off handsomely in the sum of a $13.2M value increase for Big Baller Brand.

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