Colin Kaepernick Visits Alcatraz Island In Support of ‘Unthanksgiving Day’ (VIDEO)

On Thursday, while many people were with family members and eating Thanksgiving food, Colin Kaepernick went out and made a surprise visit to support the Indigenous People’s Sunrise Ceremony on Alcatraz.

The event is often referred to as “Unthanksgiving Day,” and has been a tradition since 1975. It is meant to be a commemoration of the American Indians who occupied the island from 1969-71.

Unthanksgiving Day is “about reflecting, remembering and celebrating that we are still here and our culture still survives,” Michael Horse, an American Indian actor who takes part in the ceremony on Alcatraz, told Newsweek.


“I realize that our fight is the same fight. We’re all fighting for our justice, for our freedom, and realizing that we’re in this fight together makes it all the more powerful.

If there’s one thing that I take away from today and seeing the beauty of everybody out here, it’s that we’re only getting stronger every day, we’re only getting larger and larger every day. I see the strength in everybody.

The dancing, the rituals – that is our resistance. We continue to fight. We continue to fight for justice. We fight for our freedom, and we continue on that path.”

While the free agent quarterback continues his fight to make this country a better place for minorities, he also continues his fight to get back into the league that has essentially blackballed him for kneeling during the National Anthem last season.

(SF Gate)

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