Watch KD & Steph Laugh Hysterically At Westbrook For Chasing A Triple-Double During Blowout (VIDEO)

Last night, the Golden State Warriors were in Oklahoma to face off against the Thunder and their revamped lineup. The Thunder jumped all over them early, and before you could blink, they had a 20-point lead and were looking to run the Warriors out of the Arena.

During the waning seconds of that game, Westbrook was still on the court, attempting to get one more assist to secure a triple-double. But his pass to Steven Adams didn’t result in a shot attempt and you could hear Westbrook yell, “Shoot the ball.”

Kevin Durant and Steph Curry, who were on the bench, saw Westbrook’s reaction and what he was trying to do. They laughed hysterically at him chasing stats when the game was already out of reach.


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