Crazy High School Cheerleader Grabs Face Mask & Yells At BF After Game (VIDEO)

High School Cheerleader

Ah, young love. It can be great at times, but it can also be quite frightening to find out your significant other is crazy is hell. Dylan Hopkins found that out recently.

The Maryville high school QB had just led his squad to a 31-28 win over Oakland on Friday. He was all ready to go celebrate the win, when he suddenly he ran into his cheerleader girlfriend.

She was clearly harboring some ill will and thought the end of the game was a good time for her to give Hopkins a piece of her mind. It started out with a hug, but quickly went left after she grabbed his facemask and yelled something at him for a few seconds.



Once the video made waves on social media, she eventually jumped on Twitter and cleared some things up.

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