Broncos’ Chris Harris Claims Crabtree Sucker-Punched Him Prior To Brawl (VIDEO)

On Sunday, Michael Crabtree and Aqib Talib got into a scuffle that sent both players out of bounds. Then a brawl ensued involving multiple players.

Shockingly, only three players were ejected from the game, but according to Chris Harris, the entire ordeal would’ve never happened if refs had seem Crabtree sucker punch him earlier in the contest.

“I guess his initiative was to come out there and fight today,” Harris said to Nick Kosmider of The Denver Post. “I guess it wasn’t (to) play football.”

“He sucker-punched me. I’ve never seen that in the NFL,” he added.

Here’s that play the Denver Broncos CB is talking about. It happened one play before the brawl:

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