Mother Rips Steph Curry For Purposely Overlooking Her Son & Not Give Him An Autograph (VIDEO)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Monique Jenkins simply wanted her son to get the opportunity to meet Stephen Curry and receive an autograph from the Warriors star on his birthday.

His parents surprised him with his tickets and then it was time to head to the game. And while he was able to get pictures and autographs from other members of the Golden State Warriors, it was the one person he wanted to see the most who stood him up.

Following the game, Stephen Curry made his way out of the tunnel and he appeared to look right at the young child, but decided to ignore him. Monique’s son was heartbroken after being overlooked.

Here’s what the mother said on FB:

“What we thought would be the best birthday present ever for our soon to be 10 year old (considering he didn’t want a party like most kids his age) and instead insisted that he gets the chance to see and meet Stephen Curry who he adores so much.

I’m definitely not trying to throw shade on Curry as an adult I get it but to a child 5-10 secs of his time would’ve made my son’s experience super special but instead he’s been depressed & in tears since. He even came home wanting to take down the poster he has of Curry on his room wall. “

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