Albert Haynesworth Says Tennessee Won’t Hire Tee Martin Because He’s Black (VIDEO)

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After the fiasco with Greg Schiano being hired and the university reversing course after fan uproar, Albert Haynesworth believes his ex-teammate Tee Martin would be the perfect candidate to take over the football program.

Martin brought a national championship to Tennessee as their quarterback back in 1998. He is currently a rising star in the coaching ranks as the offensive coordinator at USC, and he’s a legend in Tennessee. But Haynesworth stated it’ll never happen because Tee is Black.

“I don’t think it’s necessarily racism, but I think it’s more like placism. They don’t think a black candidate can lead UT or maybe they just don’t want a black candidate leading UT.”

Haynesworth went on to state that the school hasn’t interviewed any Black candidates and he urges his alma mater to think outside the box and go with the right choice.


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