Anaheim Ducks Apologize for “Insensitive” Video of Naked Ryan Kesler Walking Through Office (TWEET + VID)

anaheim ducks apologize for video of naked ryan kesler

Ever since the New York Times blew the whistle on years of sexual predation by Hollywood big shot Harvey Weinstein, women everywhere have been inspired to come forward and share their own stories of sexual harassment and abuse at the hands of rich, powerful men. Hell, in the case of Kevin Spacey, even some men have come forward.

Given this particular context, it’s a pretty bad time to make and share a promotional video that depicts a naked man walking through his workplace past a number of female co-workers. Unfortunately, the Anaheim Ducks PR department didn’t realize that until it was too late.

On Sunday, in celebration of the NHL’s 100th birthday, the Ducks posted a video of Ryan Kesler walking through their front office totally nude, save for a black bar over his junk. The idea was that Kesler was celebrating the league’s birthday by wearing his birthday suit.

Take a look:



You can see the Ducks clearly were not trying to be offensive. If the video had showed Kesler showing up to practice in his birthday suit, hanging out with his peers, that might have gone over okay. But it didn’t show Kesler showing up to practice. It showed him in an office. And for a lot of people, that was a little too close to some of the awful stories we’ve been hearing about sexual harassment in the workplace.


Realizing that their attempt at humor had missed the mark, the Ducks quickly deleted the video and issued an apology:

The lesson here? Pay close attention to the news, and alway run “edgy” ideas by a lot of people before you take them public.

Hat Tip – [Sporting News]

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