Arrest Warrant Issued For Adrien Broner For Knocking Out A Man In Las Vegas (VIDEO)

Adrien Broner

Back in September, Adrien Broner, who was fresh off his latest loss in the ring against Mikey Garcia, decided he was going to knock somebody out on the street, since he couldn’t do it in the ring anymore.

The often controversial boxer was in the midst of taking pictures with fans in Las Vegas when something set him off, so he b-lined through a crowd, found the guy he was looking for, and knocked him out with one punch.

Now he’ll have to answer to the law, because he was cited for battery and told to appear in court on Monday. He failed to show, so a judge issued a warrant, but according to TMZ, it’s all just a misunderstanding.

 “We reached out to Broner who tells us he didn’t know about the hearing — and if he did, he would have appeared.

Court records show the summons that was supposed to be sent to Broner was returned to the court because it was “not deliverable as addressed” … unclear who’s to blame for that.

Broner says he’s trying to clear things up with the court right now — but until then, the warrant is still active. “

Here’s the video of that night:

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