Lane Kiffin Trolls Tennessee Fan Base, & Vols Fans Still Want Him To Come Back (TWEETS)


Early Sunday, it was announced that Greg Schiano would be the next head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers and the fan base immediately lost their minds. Soon, fans began to march around campus to protest the hire, with most of them bringing up his connection with Penn State and the scandal that rocked the university years ago.

After a heavy outcry, the school reversed course and decided to not sign Schiano. Lane Kiffin picked the perfect opportunity to jump on Twitter and troll the fan base by saying he was waiting by the phone, but not actually waiting because he already has a team to deal with.


The fans didn’t seem to mind being trolled as they jumped in his mentions and begged for him to come back and save the football team from this pit of misery they can’t seem to escape.

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