Irish Tabloids Say Conor McGregor Involved in Bar Fight with Member of Infamous Irish Drug Cartel

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Irish tabloids are reporting that a Conor McGregor got into a fight at a Dublin pub on Sunday night and ended up punching a man associated with the infamous Kinhan drug cartel.

The tabloids have not mentioned McGregor by name. They have only referred to him as a “well-known Irish celebrity” and a “sports star.” But everybody knows who they are talking about.

If you’re inclined to believe everything you read in tabloids, and you watch a lot of mob movies, then obviously one of two things will now happen: Conor McGregor will either be assassinated by the Irish mafia, or the Irish mafia will turn the screws on him and make him throw his next fight.

On Sunday night, according to the Irish Independent, the well-known Irish sports celebrity attempted to assault a young man in a pub in south Dublin. Another man in his 50s tried to intervene, but got punched twice in the face by the sports star.

The man who got punched is reportedly a “close associate” of Graham “The Wig” Whelan, who is apparently “a senior Kinahan cartel henchman.” However, the “close associate” is said to be “completely innocent” and uninvolved in the criminals operations of the Kinahan cartel.

The sports star was eventually escorted out of the pub and shooed away. Irish police say they are aware of an incident, but no charges have been filed.

Of course, who knows if all or any of this is accurate. But the fact that it sounds plausible suggests Conor McGregor should probably try a little harder to stay out of trouble.

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