Josh Gordon Says He Made $10K A Month Selling Weed At Baylor

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

When it comes to being transparent and open about his past, Josh Gordon has no issues admitting what he did back in his younger years.

The Cleveland Browns wide receiver recently sat down with Sports Illustrated and he chronicled his childhood in Houston. That childhood included gangbanging, drug-dealing, carjackings and armed robberies, and shootouts, all of which he claims he took part in.

That wasn’t all. He also claimed to deal drugs while at Baylor, saying he would receive up to six pounds of marijuana each week through the mail. Gordon estimated he made “upward of $10,000” per month from selling it in cities around the state of Texas.

As far as his current career goes, Gordon plans to suit up in a regular-season NFL game for the first time since Dec. 21, 2014, when the Cleveland Browns take on the Los Angeles Chargers this coming Sunday.

You can read the entire interview here.

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