Let’s Meet MMA Fighter & Certified Smokeshow Rachael Ostovich (PICS)

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Rachael Ostovich might not be a household name right now, but one look at her and you’ll see why that can easily change in the coming years.

The 26-year-old is a flyweight prospect with a 3-3 pro record, and she recently scored a one-sided win over Melinda Fabian on The Ultimate Fighter 26. The Invicta veteran advanced to the second round of the TUF 26 women’s flyweight tournament, where she will face fellow Invicta competitor Barb Honchak.

Not only is the native Hawaiian an up and coming fighter, but she is extremely easy on the eyes and she knows it, especially when it comes time for her weigh-ins.

“I thought I wanted to be a professional cheerleader,” she said. “The competitive cheerleading that I was in, it was crazy. I feel like it helped me with MMA. (Laughs) But I wanted to be some type of professional athlete, and I cheered my whole life and that was it. I tried out for college and I ended up not making it, and I was devastated because I swore to my mom that I was gonna have a full ride scholarship. But God has his plans and, after that, I started doing MMA.”

“In Hawaii, we’re warriors and I feel like that fighting spirit was automatically in me,” she said. “There’s definitely a fighter inside of me and I’ve been a fighter since I was born. I think you can see that in my fights. Even when I have really tough times, I’m always fighting and always trying to win and get out of those tough situations. 

“I grew up with that same mentality and that’s how it is in Hawaii,” Ostovich continues. “We don’t really talk too much. If you have a problem, we just bang it out. I grew up on the west side, and there were a lot of rowdy kids, but luckily, I just kept the peace with everyone, so I actually never got into a fight outside of the cage.”

Now let’s get to the real reason you’re here. The pictures of Rachael Ostovich:

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