Mike Francesca’s Hilariously Animated Rant Targets NFL Celebrations & Dean Blandino (VIDEO)

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Mike Francesca is a pretty cranky dude. Even people who don’t listen to him know that much about him. But he took things to a whole new level on his last show, laying into the end zone celebrations that have been recently permitted, as well as, on an unrelated note, the NFL’s former head of officiating, Dean Blandino.

Here he is, firing away at the celebrations.

Transcribed by FTW:

We’re going to have people in the booth have to sit there and analyze?

“Oh, let’s see what today’s theme is! Okay! Today’s theme is turkey dinner! Okay great.” Give me a break. What are we watching here, Sesame Street or watching the NFL?

“We’re having a theme! Let’s see what the theme is! All the players are gathered around the table. Look! They’re taking a turkey out –” Give me a break.

Now, it’s time for him to turn his focus to poor, poor Dean Blandino:

He is awful! Every time I’ve seen him, he’s been wrong! He has not one time been right! Why have him guess? And you know what he said? “I deserve half-credit.” Half-credit! This is the guy that used to run the league! … You shouldn’t be there! There’s one man who can do that job right, one! Everyone else is awful at it. Stop trying to find another guy.

Ouch. That can’t be fun to hear, even when you’re just a TV talking head. 

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