Ex-Mariners Bret Boone Slid Into A Reporter’s DMs Just To Mock Sexual Harassment & Call It ‘Liberal BS’

Seattle Mariners  v Oakland Athletics

When a person feels strongly about something, it can be hard to bottle those feelings in. Even if they may be rather controversial.

That’s exactly what happened with Bret Boone on Wednesday.

The former Seattle Mariners second baseman thought it would be quite hilarious to jump in the direct messages of a reporter he has never come in contact with or ever spoken with, to make light of the hundreds of sexual harassment claims from women all over the country.

Boone decided to “joke” about being sexually harassed to Seattle Post-Intelligencer reporter Stephen Cohen on Twitter.



In his first message, Boone claimed he was sexually harassed twice when a girl at Starbucks smiled at him and a woman at Rite Aid flirted with him, ending the message with ‘LOL.’

After catching hell on Twitter, he eventually apologized.

The reason for his decision to all of a sudden make fun of this still remains a mystery.

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